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The Solarpunk Commons

Free, 24-hour, multi-purpose space for

community, creativity, education, & exploration.

Part of a decentralized global sharing network 

for a bright and regenerative future.


A cutting-edge makerspace, café lounge, community flex space, vertical gardens, gallery, open source learning lab, eco hub, tool & seed library, and more.

Science Education Exploration Design

Resources and support for a
blooming & abundant world.

実 (jitsu)
reality, sincerity, truth, actuality

実 (mi)
berry, fruit, ingredients, nut,
seed, substance
実り (minori)




Seed the Future

Spaces to connect, explore, collaborate, and create. Utilizing nonprofit community land trusts. Part of a global solarpunk support network.

An open source model for accessible protected grassroots third places and a library economy, with a post-capitalist ethos of gifting, sharing, and replication. 

A template for climate change mitigation & remediation hubs, promoting urban farming, tree planting, food security, localized production & recycling, and activism strategy spaces.

Rapid prototyping for local product design and fabrication from recycled materials. Cultivating a growing open source file & blueprint library. 

Accessible space, tools, and learning resources aided by automation and emerging technology. With a goal of being 100% powered by on-site green renewable energy.


Cooperative, co-creative, ecological, participatory, and egalitarian spaces, stewarded in decentralized urban + rural modular mutual aid networks. 
In coordination with indigenous people.


Powered by voluntary donations of tax-deductible funding, spaces, tech, materials, & resources.

A global coalition of early adopters for a new abundant societal paradigm.  

Utilizing and promoting bright green philosophies of rewilding, post-scarcity, degrowth, and empowered walkable hyper-local resilience.

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Just like the seed

      I'm chasing the wonder

Community Hub

Multi-purpose flex space for all sorts of community events. Including talks, film, theater, music, workshops, receptions, & dance parties.

Café Lounge

Comfy place to socialize and co-work, with a futuristic 
solarpunk jukebox and

vending machine. Board games and art supplies. A safe and sober all-ages alternative to the bar scene.

Fab Lab / Makerspace

A shifting array of the latest and best cutting edge creative tools. 3D printers, laser cutters, and more.

Part of the global Fab Lab Network. Including:

A fashion design lab and recycled materials depot.

24-Hour Access

Free member access all the time. State of the art automation and security.

Becomes Lunarpunk at night!

Open Learning

Classroom space for collaboration to explore, teach, and learn anything. With the option to record & livestream presentations online - and in VR - to others all over the world.

Multimedia Gallery

A hybrid physical and digital gallery. Supporting a variety of mediums. With space for vibrant opening receptions. 

AI & Robotics

Open source software & hardware resources.  Supporting humans for the new age of technologically- empowered creativity.

Tool Library

Tool and resource library, in supplemental coordination with other resources in the local city ecosystem. Drones & AR/VR.

Audio/Video Lab

Recording studio for music, voice acting, and narration. Green screen and camera. 

Vertical Gardens

Edible aeroponic herb gardens with moss and algae walls. Free seed library with heirloom local and exotic seeds.

Background photo: Young sunflowers @ Skinner's Butte, Eugene, OR. July 2023

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