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Solarpunk ARt Show!

June 28th, 2024

@ The Dream Pad - Community Art & Music House

Kalapuya Land, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Part of the Whiteaker Neighborhood's Last Friday Artwalk

Solarpunk Conference 2024 watch party on June 29th

In collaboration with All for Climate DAO

ARt show was a success! 
After months, we finally timed this art show to be part of the local Eugene Whiteaker Neighborhood's Last Friday Artwalk event for June. Finally coming back after COVID. The weather was perfect. We also coordinated with the Solarpunk Conference via a Supporter ticket, to have a watch party the next day, including participating in Q&A and asking a good question for the panel discussions.
The event was hosted by The Dream Pad, a popular centrally-located community art & music house with a large back dance studio space and a post-capitalist vision, that has hosted many fun music and art events over the past few years.  

We tried to create and present a free show that could delight existing Solarpunks, as well as be a great introduction for people unfamiliar with the genre. 
We had a front gallery space with prints from some of our favorite Solarpunk artists, and more art and video displayed on a large monitor. We presented a experimental augmented reality (AR) gallery in the back studio space, where high resolution art imagery was displayed in virtual space on a Meta Quest 3, under a floating virtual solar system. A selection of Solarpunk art & fiction books were offered for reading and lending, alongside free seeds and supplies for making seed bombs. + A pad & pencils for drawing. Sunflower-themed snacks were offered, delicious blueberries from the garden outside, and fresh local peach rose BNF kombucha was on tap! 

"Unlike anything I've done before. The art was very pretty and thought-provoking"
-Attendee who came and also checked out the AR gallery (while wearing glasses).

"VR gives me a headache" -Attendee who didn't check it out. Understandable. The Meta Quest 3 is really impressive, especially with the free-range mixed reality. Hopefully, future headsets are even lighter, visually clearer, and totally comfortable.

Artists included:
Enora Efflam MercierKirsten Zirngibl, Karl Schulschenk, Joan de Art, Jessica Perlstein, Aleksander Novak-ZemplinskiRose Rone Eisma & LynyaraYuumei, and 
Alex Rommel / Aerroscape.

Turnout was light (the Critical Mass bike ride was going on shortly after, and other people were leaving town early for the regional Rainbow Gathering), but very appreciative. The residents of the Dream Pad loved the art, and most of it will stay up for a while, to be able to be viewed by guests at upcoming shows. Huge thanks to everyone involved, and the kind people at All for Climate for helping patiently sponsor us and bring this fun event to light! 🌱☀️💚

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