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An open global Solarpunk network.
Access, sharing, gifting,
crowdfunding, & support.

Connect your Solarpunk projects with resources to help them thrive

SEED is just one node and part of a growing, decentralized, modular, worldwide, Solarpunk mutual aid network. A dynamic web of sharing, gifting, and replication.

Targeted Crowdfunding Networks for funding and support.

Solarpunk projects gain access and promotion within expanding lists of interested donors and contributors all over the world.

Stewardship Sharing within Modular Supply & Demand Networks

Gift, share, and lend stewardship of assets like land and technology to the network for varying periods of time. Plug in and out freely, or create set plans and agreements for longer periods of time.

Connect with those wishing to gift specific properties, tech, and other resources to certain types of unique projects. Giving and/or receiving.

Including support for automation via internet of things.

Open Source Blueprints 

Feel free to use any of our open source resources to aid in your spaces and projects.
Including product design, social business, and nonprofit creation.

Support Ecosystem

All relevant data, with permission, can be hosted in a decentralized way, IE Holo.

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