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What's Solarpunk SEED?

- A development project presenting free and sustainable commons spaces within the supportive legal frameworks of the US nonprofit structure and the community land trust system. 

- A plan promoting the creation of working post-capitalist proof of concept models for the democratization of land, public space, and technology access. Promoting gifting, sharing, and abundant open source replication - as alternatives to commerce, trade, hoarding, artificial scarcity, and enclosure. 

- A mission for sustainable and regenerative land stewardship, with nature & technology in harmony. Promoting bioregional flora, regenerative agriculture, urban farming, food security, native herbalism, and plant education. Cultivating renewable energy, lowered waste, and sustainable local production from recycled materials. As well as offering globally-coordinated climate change mitigation and remediation strategies.

- 24-hour community space, resources, and cutting edge creative tools. Space for all sorts of dynamic community-led events, co-working, open learningand more. Safe, inclusive, inspiring space for people of all ages and demographics, and a sober late night alternative setting to the bar scene. 

Aided by automation and digital security. Offering hands-on access with emerging hardware & software. Including 3D printingAR/VR, film and audio equipment, and safe learning with robotics & artificial intelligence.

- A global crowdfunding network with early stage startup resources, aka "seed capital", for a myriad of innovative and impactful Solarpunk projects all around the world. Many pollinators make light work.

Aiding in locally-customized legal templates and proven logistics models, to create and maintain flourishing spaces and sustainable regenerative projects in different countries and unique bioregions. 

- An agenda to make the beautiful visions of the Solarpunk movement a tangible, physical, beneficial reality!


What's Solarpunk?

Solarpunk is a literary and artistic movement that envisions and works toward actualizing a sustainable future interconnected with nature and community. The "solar" represents solar energy as a renewable energy source and an optimistic vision of the future that rejects climate doomerism, while the "punk" refers to the counterculturalpost-capitalist, and decolonial enthusiasm for creating such a future. - Wikipedia

Lunarpunk is Solarpunk's shadowy side. Nocturnal energy, nightlife, dreams, late night creativity, mysterious cosmic starlight, and the light of the moon - which is reflected sunlight, after all!

What's the meaning of "SEED"?

- A reference to the infinitely replicable nature of the living seed. Each with potential varying new and improved, and beautiful explorative variations on the source concepts, spreading out into the world. Replicable open source resources to design, build, and fund spaces, items, and products. Either to copy and use provenly effective designs as-is, or iterate on them in any way one might like. 


- An acronym for Science, Education, Exploration, and Design.  A fun simple name, easy to say and remember. “Let’s go to Seed!”. The working title for the first physical node project is: SEED 1.


- The name for the development phase of the project, like the planting of a seed. Each node may have its own unique name and specialized presentation, based on input and ideas. All name possibilities can be explored! The project hopes to “seed” resources, ideas, and inspiration for the community. Users can “seed” new ideas for events, new elements, and additions to the network.


- A nonprofit variant on the venture capital "seed funding" concept, in tandem with a global crowdfunding and resource network. Aiding Solarpunk projects around the world in their development and fruition.

- The first SEED¹ node will feature a free physical on-site seed library, featuring local & exotic heirloom seeds. In addition to living demonstration models for edible urban vertical gardens, moss walls, and algae curtains.

Supporting rewilding, urban farming, plant and tree planting, and climate change mitigation and remediation strategies.

- A reference to the central core “seeding” sharing/replication process of the revolutionary decentralized modular BitTorrent file-sharing technology, which was also one of the core inspirations for cryptocurrency  and blockchain technology. Also, a nod to the “seed technology” featured at the end of the visionary science fiction novel The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson (the original creator of the term "metaverse").

Have any ideas for the perfect name for a Solarpunk community space? Please feel free to let us know!


Eugene, Oregon, USA

Kalapuya Land

Why Eugene, Oregon?

The first planned location is:

  • A central location on the innovative west coast of the United States. Eugene, Oregon is located in the heart of the state of Oregon, in the middle of the Pacific Cascadian USA. A central destination between Vancouver BC, Seattle, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. 

  • Home of the University of Oregon, which has been undergoing rapid expansion with a focus on scientific innovation and sustainable design.

  • A progressive community with strong desire for more accessible technology & creative resources. 

  • A local community with a strong interest in green living and ecological sustainability

  • A fertile farming scene in the Cascadian bioregion, with high interest in local produce and foraging.

  • Beautiful natural scenic locations including forest parks and butte trails for locals and visitors.

  • A vibrant developing city landscape in need of protection against greater gentrification.

  • Eugene historically has a strong spirit of freedom and creativity, as well as direct action and mutual aid activism, being called the “Anarchist Capital of the United States”.  

  • A notable Solarpunk community, including being home to Solarpunk Magazine.

  • Pioneers for homeless outreach & community support services, with proven models for the country. (Cahoots, White Bird, etc). Eugene is number one in the US for rate of homelessness, per capita. 

  • A notable gifting and sharing economy community. Including Kindista and Buy Nothing groups. 

  • A growing number of local creators & artisans seeking additional space, community, & resources.


A global collaborative network can continue to grow & connect in the paths of most effective support.

Other Locations

Other cities being explored as great options for nodes in the Solarpunk network include:


  • Portland, Oregon

  • Oakland, California

  • Seattle, Washington

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Detroit, Michigan

  • Vancouver, Canada

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Berlin, Germany

  • London, UK

... and elsewhere!

Is there somewhere else in the world you think might be especially good? Please let us know!


An Experienced International Team

The diverse team of developers and advisors on the Solarpunk SEED project come from a variety of experience backgrounds, including nonprofits, entrepreneurship, community organizing, education, product design, architecture, software, games, AI, robotics, and community space & event hosting.

Including running a makerspace and multimedia event space in Oregon since 2018.

We've also been pioneering participants within the global Solarpunk community since its inception! 

We're on the lookout for additional allies & advisors.

Interested in potentially being part of the project? Let us know!


The Solarpunk SEED project is exploring a wide variety of channels for fundraising and asset reception, and utilizing a diverse array of funding and donation incentive techniques. 

Including, but not limited to: Crowdfunding, grants. 

We aim to maximize trust, clarity, and transparency with all community participants and donors. 

As of Summer 2023, our GoFundMe campaign is now live.

All funding and donations will only go towards the specific goals of each project phase, unless specifically requested otherwise by the donor. Donations will be held in perpetuity until each goal is reached, and are charitable tax deductible with our 501(C)(3) nonprofit partner, Atlas Solutions. Atlas will be the steward of the SEED 1 property, which will be placed in a nonprofit community land trust in perpetuity, with open access ensured, and prohibited from being rented or resold.  View the current land trust bylaws here.

All funds raised now (in Phase 1) will only go towards the purchase and buildout of the initial property in the first node, presently being planned in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Donors and participants also have the option to opt in to a greater Solarpunk crowdfunding, gifting, and sharing network of donors and creators. The network can help participants raise funds & materials, as well as develop customized strategies for cultivating their own local community spaces & projects. 

Have any thoughts and ideas on the best and most effective ways to help bring good things to fruition? Please let us know!



Phase 0 - Gathering information regarding what people would like to see with the project.

Phase 1 - Crowdfunding and donation campaign underway starting in Summer of 2023. Crowdfunding campaign will stay open indefinitely. Once necessary funds / resources are attained, and stewardship of the space and core materials is achieved, Phase 2 can begin.

Phase 2 - Buildout, development setup, and furnishing of the space, with further community input.

Phase 3 - Space opens to the local & global public. 

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