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Let’s water, grow, and build
a Solarpunk world into reality.

Anything is greatly appreciated!

Our Crowdfunding Campaign
is LIVE on GoFundMe!
Contribute Here


All funds will only go towards land, materials,

and technology purchases for the SEED project.

Starting with fully obtaining the initial property.

Donations will be stewarded by Atlas Solutions,

our 501(C)(3) nonprofit partner organization, operating in Eugene, Oregon USA since 2017.

All donations are charitable tax deductible.

All funds will be securely kept until the necessary project purchase amounts are raised, then applied accordingly.

Any land and property purchased or gifted will be placed into a protected nonprofit community land trust, with rent or resale prohibited, in perpetuity. 

Land trust bylaws in development.


Crypto donation processing is being explored.

DAO and reputation-based token integration is being explored.


Wish List

Property and project assets themselves may also be donated directly to the network.

Also tax deductible under 501(C)(3).

SEED Wishlist

In development

Backer Rewards

First Seeders (ACTIVE)

Let's seed the future... and make history together.

The first 100 donors of any amount will be granted a customized physical wood, metal, 3D-printed, glass, or ceramic tile in the space, in addition to a customized digital metamozaic hypertile (with text & image content and links of your choice), exclusive digital founder's tokens, and all other rewards. 

100 Left!



Founder channel access and a customized digital founder's hypertile in our virtual metamozaic.



Founder channel access, a customized physical tile in the space, and a large customized digital founder's tile in our metamozaic.



Founder channel access, a larger customized physical tile in the space, in addition to a very large customized digital tile in our metamozaic, 

fungible and nonfungible tokens, and all other rewards.

Be a part of our community as a founder!

Anyone donating anything during this phase will be officially considered a Solarpunk SEED founder, and be gifted a special digital founder's art token in gratitude. 

This token also provides special access to founder's events, roundtable feedback and planning sessions, VIP parties, and private discord channels.


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